Promotions and new faces in MCI

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The management board of MCI Management SA fund appointed two new procurators: Ondrej Bartos, previously investment director in the Czech and Slovak markets and Maciej Kowalczyk who also assumed the position of investment director of the fund.

Maciej Kowalczyk started his career in the Division of Corporate Finance KPMG. Then in the years 2001-2002 as an investment analyst in MCI. During that period he was responsible for among others for making the new investment in One-2-One in 2002. In the years 2002-2006 worked as an investment manager in AIB WBK Fund Management, supervising IT companies of the fund. One-2-One is an example of a model investment of a VC fund where a company with strong management and with Business Angel type investors received capital strengthening from the fund. The five-year-long history of One-2-One testifies to the correctness of the investment decisions made. One-2-One has earned the position of an indisputable leader among the integrators of mobile solutions for the sector of the media and in the sector of mobile marketing. All the time the company has been maintaining over 100% dynamics of growth in the key financial parameters, at the end of 2005 One-2-One generated over PLN 9.2 million in sales revenues, PLN 905 thousand in operating income and PLN 676 thousand in net profit. An organization with a few employees the beginning of 2002 grew into a capital group which employs 40 persons. In April 2006 One-2-One made a decision to begin the process of going public at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which should additionally strengthen and accelerate the growth of the company. According to the preliminary estimates the investment of the fund in One-2-One project should bring MCI the highest return in profit in the investment history of fund.

“Building one of the biggest and strongest teams of managers in the scope of investments in new technology companies in Central Europe and the prospects of this region which today constitutes one of the most attractive areas of VC/PE investments on the global scale, provide a rather optimistic view of the future. The fund will continue to implement an active personnel policy trying to find, retain and develop the best talents in the venture capital/private equity area in the market.” – said Tomasz Czechowicz, Managing Partner.

Currently there are 2 partners and 6 investment directors in the MCI investment team. In the years 2006 / 2007 MCI is going to make 6 to 12 projects and spend PLN 40 to 100 million on new investments and additional financing of the portfolio.

Since July 1 there has been a new division of investment specializations:

Tomasz Czechowicz – Managing Partner (
-responsible for transactions syndicated with other funds.

Bogdan Wiśniewski – Associate Partner (
-responsible for big-ticket investments in such sectors as: IT, software, internet web 2.0, wireless, MBOs and the investments of the fund in the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.

Ondrej Bartos – Investment Director (
-responsible for small/mid-ticket investments in the Czech and Slovak markets.

Roman Cisek – Financial Director (
-responsible for LBO investments.

Andrzej Jasieniecki – Investment Director (
-responsible for small/mid-ticket investments in mobile sectors, ecommerce, digital content&entertaiment and investments of the fund in the Ukraine and in Russia.

Maciej Kowalczyk – Investment Director (
-responsible for mid-ticket investments in the area of software, ecommerce, internet web2.0, mobile, wireless.

Piotr Kłodnicki – Investment Director (
-responsible for small-ticket investments in the area of biotechnology/life science,
media wireless, innovations.

Andrzej Lis – Investment Director (
-responsible for IT and turnaround investments.

04.07.2006 Download PDF