Press releases


Positive recommendation of Noble Securities

MCI Capital is doing very well in a difficult market environment - informs Noble Securities S.A. in its latest report. More ›

New report by Raiffeisen

MCI Capital is the number one tech/digital investment company in the CEE region - says Raiffeisen Research in its special spotlight on the company. More ›

MCI Capital results in 2022

"We end 2022 with a net result of PLN 143 million, net assets of PLN 1,916.2 million and a balance sheet total of PLN 2,225.2 million. Dividend-adjusted NAV/S amounted to PLN 37.4 on December 31, 2022 and increased by 4.2% compared to the previous year. The average annual rate for the last two years for MCI is 16%, and the increase in NAV per share over the last 23 years is 17%. More ›

Cover of Puls Biznesu: “The time of unicorn hunting is over” – says Tomasz Czechowicz

CEO of MCI Capital comments the impact of Silicon Valley Bank collapse on the VC/PE industry in an interview for the newspaper. More ›

Czechowicz on the front page of Parkiet: Digitalization is an amazing opportunity for the development of our region.

- Digitalization is the most important economic opportunity of the last 20 years and probably the next 20 years - says Tomasz Czechowicz in an interview for Parkiet. More ›

Real Deals about MCI’s investmens plans

"We expect about €300-500m worth of dry powder for investments between 2023 and 2025, which we’re looking to deploy within the next three years. I think there will be more transactions in CEE, so we’re hoping to benefit from that" – says Tomasz Czechowicz, CEO of MCI Capital in an interview with Real Deals. More ›