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Financial performance of MCI Capital S.A. (MCI, Company) in H1 2019: in H1 2019 NAV per share as of the end of June reached PLN 22.74 * thanks to a net profit of PLN 15.2 million.

  • In H1 2019 the Company made a net profit of PLN 15.2 million,
  • The result caused NAV per share to go up from PLN 22.46 to PLN 22.74, representing an increase of PLN 0.28,
  • In addition, taking advantage of a significant discount, the company bought out shares, earmarking PLN 30 million for that purpose and buying out shares representing 5.67% of the Company’s shares and votes,
  • In this period the Company repaid bonds worth PLN 54.5 million.
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MCI Capital S.A. is commencing the buyback of own shares, on which it currently intends to spend up to PLN 30 million.

  • MCI Capital intends to buy back not more than 3 million shares of the company 
  • The buyback price established by the company’s Management Board is PLN 10.00 per one share
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MCI Capital continues its debt reduction process

  • MCI Capital redeemed bonds worth PLN 54.5 million and reduced the debt to the level of PLN 124.1 million
  • The net debt to assets ratio is now at a historically low level of approx. 8.5 percent (estimate)
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ABC Data S.A.: finalised sale of the first MCI.EuroVentures buy-out investment

ABC Data S.A., the first buy-out investment from MCI.EuroVentures portfolio, was sold to one of the European IT distribution tycoons – ALSO Group. The managers of the Fund delivered an over two times return on investment. The transaction was carried out as a sale of business, preceded by announcement of a call for 100 percent of the shares. More ›