Investment strategy

The strategy of MCI is focused on investments in digital economy, in the Expansion and Buyout area. The preferred size of investments is EUR 25-100M in a single project.

Historically, the Group has also been involved in funds dedicated to Private Debt, Growth and Venture Capital areas – these funds do not conduct any new investments, instead they focus on building the value of assets and deinvesting.

Digital disruption

MCI prefers to invest in pure internet models (the so-called Digital Disruptors). We focus on e-commerce & marketplaces, fintechs & payments, and software as a service.

Digital infrastructure

MCI takes into account investments in companies operating in the Internet infrastructure area, such as telecoms [Fibre, 5G], data collection and processing centres, as well as the logistics infrastructure for e-commerce.

Digital transformation

MCI provides investment support to companies which, after achieving a leading position in the traditional economy, aspire to generate as a target the major part of their business via digital channels or based on digital processes.

Where we invest: North CEE (Poland, Baltics, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), South CEE (Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece), DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy)