Why is it worth working with us?

MCI Capital is a private equity group, one of the most dynamic in our region of Europe and the only such fund listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

MCI specializes in digital transformation processes, investing in pure internet models (pure players), companies transferring the business model from the traditional to the digital economy and companies operating on the internet infrastructure development market.

The MCI Group is primarily a team of ambitious professionals whose goal is to support companies in the region of Central and Eastern Europe to ensure their sustainable and dynamic development.

By joining MCI, you will work for a leading private equity group in this part of Europe. We offer stable employment, work in a very dynamic team and attractive financial conditions.
We offer you the opportunity to develop in the Investment Team or the Operation Team, depending on your experience, qualifications, skills and interests.

Employment in Investment Team

The MCI Investment Team has over 20 years of experience in building the value of digital companies focused on the buyout and expansion strategy. By joining the Investment Team:

  • we will help you plan the optimal career path and provide you with the necessary support in achieving your goals,
  • we offer competitive financial conditions, including project co-investment carry, which ensures participation in profits realized on single profitable investments,
  • we offer cooperation with an experienced investment team with extensive sector/industry experience,
  • we provide access to our network of contacts, including business partners and alumni networks, as well as information platforms and databases,
  • we provide a motivating, open and dynamic working atmosphere.

If you feel that you have skills, experience and qualifications that match the MCI Investment Team, please send us your CV.

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Employment in Operation Team

The MCI Group is also, apart from specialists in the field of investments, an Operation Team supporting the group’s investment activities. In the Operations Team, we focus on such areas of activity as: reporting, controlling, financial modeling, legal and administrative support, obtaining financing, liquidity management, risk management, internal audit and compliance. By joining the Operation Team, we offer, among others:

  • smooth implementation into the structures of our Team,
  • stable employment conditions, including a basic salary and an annual discretionary bonus depending on the results of work,
  • access to external advisors cooperating with the group, offering support in the field of companies activities, as well as investment funds,
  • access to internal and external training courese,
  • the possibility of participating in fundraising projects for the MCI Group,
  • friendly, open and dynamic working atmosphere.

If you feel that you have skills, experience and qualifications that match the MCI Operation Team, please send us your CV.

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Who are we looking for?

At the moment, we are not recruiting for a specific position.

Haven’t found an offer for you?

Send us your CV and leave your contact detalis. We will contact you as soon as there is an opportunity to cooperate in a role that corresponds to your qualifications and needs.

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