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Why is it worth working at MCI

Because MCI Capital is a private equity group, one of the most dynamic in our region of Europe and the only such fund listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. MCI specializes in digital transformation processes, investing in pure internet models (so-called pure players), companies transferring the business model from the traditional to the digital economy and companies operating in the Internet infrastructure development market. Also from 2022, we started to actively analyze investments in the climatech area (circular economy, green energy, services related to energy transformation and ESG) and we want the share of these investments to increase to 20% of our total portfolio in 2024-2030.

Our advantage is agility

Our team consists of 25 above-average committed, hard-working and determined professionals for whom the success of MCI is a priority. We are such a small and close-knit team that we can react nimbly to unexpected situations.
Our team is divided into two complementary worlds because we operate within two teams – investment and operational.

The first one focuses on creating the value of digital companies and on a daily basis works primarily with Tomek Czechowicz.

The operational team supports investment activities by taking care of reporting, controlling, valuations, legal and administrative support, obtaining financing, liquidity management, risk management, internal audit and compliance.

The specific nature of work in both teams is different, e.g. investment managers work more often on projects/remotely, while in operations we work much more often in the office.
We can do things quickly, but without losing quality and understanding why we do it, and this is probably one of our key advantages. In such a small organization, one call, one conversation, one decision is enough to be able to act. We do not have a multi-level structure in which we wait weeks for decisions from our superiors. We are not hierarchical, we work together, we communicate instantly and when necessary, we can make quick decisions. We do not have a rigid operating framework, we are constantly looking for ways to work better and more effectively. It makes things easier and allows us to maintain the agility and flexibility in action that is so necessary nowadays.

MCI Capital is a private equity group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Meet MCI

What kind of team members are we looking for?

We have always focused on diversity, which is why our ranks include both analytical and relational people. Thanks to this, we can complement each other and benefit from our advantages. It would not be wise to rely solely on hard skills, because working in a fund is not only about numbers, analyzes and financial projections. These necessary skills must be supplemented with talents in soft areas such as communication, ability to solve problems and find compromises, flexibility, etc.

Our secret lies in selecting team members in such a way that they all constitute a mixture of different talents working together. Such a force cannot be stopped or defeated. We appreciate different features, styles of action and thinking, but if we had to list the necessary features of a person working in a fund, we would certainly include goal orientation, entrepreneurship, energy in action and perseverance.

We work in a highly regulated environment, managing funds entrusted by our investors, which is why we inevitably encounter many challenges, complex topics and problems. We have many difficult situations, negotiations, confrontations and work on complicated issues, but this is what makes the possibility of development at MCI significantly greater than in other places.
The ideal MCI team member is, above all, task-oriented, sees the goal and knows how to pursue it. He/she doesn’t give up, doesn’t communicate through problems, but communicates through solutions and sees things through to the end. He/she is responsible and persistent.

We offer work in a super flexible structure, independence and the opportunity to have a real impact on the organization through your own actions and work in a super energetic, qualified team where you can learn something from everyone.

Motivational systems at MCI

Within the Group operates a unique on the PE market settlement system for the investment team, based on a bonus for the success of each individual project that ends in profit for the organization, the so-called deal by deal carry. According to the system, Partners responsible for the project they recommend invest in together with the MCI Fund and, thanks to this investment, they gain the right to preferential participation in the profits from the sale of this investment. To put it simply, the system allows team members involved in particular investments to participate in profits 10 times higher than the capital they invested.


participation in profits

Deal by deal carry

unique settlement system

MCI also has a very attractive compensation system for the operational team members. We treat operations as a support system that must be extremely professional, fast and must work very well to support the investment team in its daily activities. The operational team deals not only with typical back-office tasks, but also participates in various projects, both operational, fundraising and strategic, aimed at the continuous development of the organization. Operational team members participate not only in attractive annual bonuses, but also project bonuses, where the financial success of a given person is closely related to the success of a given project – the successful completion of a large project related to obtaining financing, the completion of an important operational project or the completion of any other project, which is important from the MCI perspective.

The expectations from our team members are certainly very high, but we try to ensure that the effective implementation of individual goals is associated with appropriate financial rewards.

How we are organized

Positions in the investment team

Depending on the experience and as people grow within the organization, our staff in the investment team holds the following positions: (Senior) Investment Partner, Investment Director, Investment Manager, (Senior) Investment Analyst. Depending on the position held, each substantive level implements specific KPIs regarding, among others: execution of new investments, including co-investments, portfolio growth, portfolio management, etc.

Positions in the operational team

In the operational team, our team members perform their tasks in managerial positions (Financial Director, Operations and Treasury Director, Valuations and Portfolio Controlling Director, Personnel Director), managerial positions (Financial Controllers) and specialists and administrative positions (including Funds Specialist, Internal Auditors, Compliance Officers, Lawyer, Office Manager, Executive Assistant to CEO).


The following committees also operate within our organization: Investment Committee, Remuneration Committee, Liquidity Committee, Communication, Marketing and IR Committee, Operating Costs Committee and Compliance Committee.

What is our approach to team members’ development

Hiring good people is hard, but retaining them can be even harder. Professionals are so well-educated and achievement-oriented that they perform well in virtually any job. That’s why we don’t stop at hiring the best candidates, we cultivate cooperation with them and bring out their potential.

We strive to implement the concept of job modeling, which is the art of matching people to jobs that resonate with the activities that make them happy. This may sound like a complicated and sophisticated method, but it actually starts with the simplest activity – listening carefully and observing what individual team members like and dislike about their work.

We try to get to know the people we work with every day and understand what brings them joy at work and satisfaction, because this allows us to work together on adapting their future professional tasks. In some cases, this simply means adding another task to existing responsibilities. In other cases, this may involve the need to completely transfer the team member to a new position. You can extend your skills in many directions, but we believe that to be successful at work you must be in harmony with yourself.


That is why, the concept of working with team members and developing their greatest strengths is close to us. The weaker ones will always be weaker. They should be brought to a level that does not interfere with work and does not negatively impact our professional career, but we should focus on and develop what is best and strongest.

Success story

Ewa Ogryczak

The MCI Group is primarily a team of ambitious professionals whose goal is to support companies in the region of Central and Eastern Europe to ensure their sustainable and dynamic development.

By joining MCI, you will work for a leading private equity group in this part of Europe. We offer stable employment, work in a very dynamic team and attractive financial conditions.   We offer you the opportunity to develop in the Investment Team or the Operation Team, depending on your experience, qualifications, skills and interests.


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