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Tomasz Czechowicz awarded by Digital Academy in the category of Investments, with the title of Digital Shaper as part of the Digital Festival.

Statuettes were awarded for the second time to Digital Shaper winners on 1 October 2019. Tomasz Czechowicz, Managing Partner and Founder of MCI Group, Kinga Stanisławska, Managing Partner and Founder of Experior Venture Fund and Paweł Borys, Management Board President of the Polish Development Fund were all awarded in the category of Investments. More ›

Krynica 2019 Polish Economic Forum – MCI debate – Digital Economy at Fusion Point: is Poland and Other CEE Countries Gaining the Critical Mass?

Article published in the Rzeczpospolita journal, 10/09/2019, by: Mateusz Rzemek DIGITISATION OF INDUSTRY, SERVICES AND TRADE HIDES AN ENORMOUS POTENTIAL More ›

Financial performance of MCI Capital S.A. (MCI, Company) in H1 2019: in H1 2019 NAV per share as of the end of June reached PLN 22.74 * thanks to a net profit of PLN 15.2 million.

  • In H1 2019 the Company made a net profit of PLN 15.2 million,
  • The result caused NAV per share to go up from PLN 22.46 to PLN 22.74, representing an increase of PLN 0.28,
  • In addition, taking advantage of a significant discount, the company bought out shares, earmarking PLN 30 million for that purpose and buying out shares representing 5.67% of the Company’s shares and votes,
  • In this period the Company repaid bonds worth PLN 54.5 million.
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MCI Capital S.A. is commencing the buyback of own shares, on which it currently intends to spend up to PLN 30 million.

  • MCI Capital intends to buy back not more than 3 million shares of the company 
  • The buyback price established by the company’s Management Board is PLN 10.00 per one share
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MCI Capital continues its debt reduction process

  • MCI Capital redeemed bonds worth PLN 54.5 million and reduced the debt to the level of PLN 124.1 million
  • The net debt to assets ratio is now at a historically low level of approx. 8.5 percent (estimate)
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