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New Partner of the MCI Group.Beata Stelmach in the Management Board of the Company.

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New Partner of the MCI Group.
Beata Stelmach in the Management Board of the Company.
MCI will be the first PE fund in Central and Eastern Europe
to offer private equity / venture capital assets in a private banking channel.

On the basis of the resolution of the Supervisory Board of MCI Management SA from November 4, 2008 Beata Stelmach was appointed Member of the Management Board of MCI. Beata Stelmach shall be responsible for creating innovative investment products in the area of private equity/venture capital.

In the era of high volatility in the financial markets, private equity investments seem especially attractive due to their relative stability and above average rates of return. For years now the investments in this class of assets have been a significant element of the investment portfolio of individual clients in mature capital markets. The presence of such financial products is considered in the world as an inherent element of an effective asset diversification strategy.

In order to meet the expectations of the market, the MCI Group will offer individual clients a direct investment opportunity in the certificates issued by PE/VC funds. The new area of distribution of MCI investment certificates shall strengthen the potential of the Group in the scope of raising funds. As a result MCI shall become a pioneer in raising funds to PE/VC funds via this new method.

Furthermore, Beata Stelmach shall be responsible for the management of communication and relations with the MCI Group investors as well as the development of new MCI funds (strategic, corporate venture and consumer ones) together with the project leaders inside the MCI Group.

‘We are sure that Beata Stelmach, as a person who has been related to the capital market for years, will substantially strengthen the competences of the MCI team with her experience in the area of building and distribution of innovative financial products dedicated to individual clients. The expansion in this area seems to be the key to the growth of private equity/venture capital companies over the next years in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.’ – said Hubert Janiszewski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MCI Management SA.

Beata Stelmach – Curriculum Vitae:

Beata Stelmach has been related to the capital market since 1991.
Originally she was employed in the Enforcement Department of the Polish Securities Commission and then in the position of the Secretariat Director of SEC. At the same time she hold the position of the Spokesperson of the Commission. She was responsible for cooperation on the forum of International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO) where she was chairing the Working Group in charge of the Enforcement and Exchange of Information. She also participated in the negotiations on accession of Poland to OECD and the EU.

As a consultant of the World Bank she participated in programs for the development of the capital markets in the Ukraine (1996) and in Russia (1997).

In 1999, she participated in the introduction of Pekao/Alliance PTE SA – a newly created pension fund to the Polish market.

In the years 2000–2001, holding the position of the President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Commodity Boar of Trade. She proposed a strategy of concentration of then dispersed commodity market in Poland which resulted in an ultimate liquidation of most regional exchanges (they were transformed into commodity brokerage houses.)

In the years 2001–2005, she was in the Supervisory Board and then after 2002 in the Management Board of Prokom Software SA.

In the years 2005–2007, she held the position of the member of the Management Board of Intrum Justitia Association of Investment Funds (managing one of the first securitization funds in the Polish market).

She has been related to the MCI Group since 2006 (to date as Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of MCI TFI S.A.).

She is a graduate of the faculty of Finance and Statistics at SGPiS (now Warsaw School of Economics) as well as Calgary University (MBA degree) and INSEAD (MBA degree).

She participated in a number of training courses and internships e.g. in Great Britain (Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education, Faculty of Business, Finance and Management), USA (New York Institute of Finance – trainings in the scope of capital market), France (Commission des Operations de Bourse – internship in the department of supervision of the French Securities Commission,) Canada (Wood Gundy Brokerage House, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto).

In the years 1994–1999, she was a member of the Examination Commission for Stock Exchange Brokers.

She holds the position of the President of the Management Board of the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers (SEG); she is one of the executives at the European Association of Stock Exchange Issuers (EuropeanIssuers).
She is a lecturer at the Warsaw University at the Economical Sciences Faculty.

05.11.2008 Download PDF