Venture capital fund MCI BioVentures signed investment agreement with Biotech Varsovia Pharma

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MCI.BioVentures, a fund from the MCI group, signed an investment agreement with Biotech Varsovia Pharma, the company concerned with developing and introducing niche, innovative dietary supplements. Total value of the investment will reach 2.2 million PLN.

Biotech Varsovia Pharma (BVP) represents a rare combination of advanced scientific knowledge with business. The founder of BVP, Professor Marcin Krotkiewski, is a known and renowned scientist with an enormous track record of scientific achievement, especially in the areas of nutrition and obesity treatment. He is the author of the globally recognized classification of apple and pear shaped obesity and the application of anthropometric measurements, i.e. the waist/hip ratio.

“We’re especially glad of acquiring the cooperation of Prof. Marcin Krotkiewski – a renowned persona in the world of science and pharmaceuticals. We believe that by combining our competences we will be able to create a unique business on the Polish market that will be significant to both the patients and the investors. The scientific and business background of Prof. Krotkiewski shows that you can successfully use the results of scientific research in profitable business projects – we’re also glad of the fact that this investment proves you can combine and apply scientific knowledge in the development of the business, especially that it is the second, in addition to Genomed, such example in our portfolio. Together at BVP we have been able to build an experienced team and with the confirmed attractiveness of the product, we may optimistically assume that we are headed for the ultimate success.” – says Robert Rezemiński, Board Member of MCI.BioVentures.

First, the company will offer products dedicated to women. Initial product sales will begin in January 2011. The product successfully reduces the number of urinary incontinence incidents, which is a problem that affects at least 3 million women in Poland. Other products, among others, help to prevent osteoporosis and atherosclerosis or help stabilize mood swings and improve concentration.

Prof. Marcin Krotkiewski is a globally recognized authority in weight loss. He is the author of books and over 300 scientific publications on obesity, the pioneer of group and sanatorium treatment of obesity in Poland and Sweden and the creator of numerous weight loss dietary supplements. He started his scientific career in Poland, for over 40 years he has been working in Sweden successfully helping people struggling with excess body weight to recover their health and beauty.
In 1960 he became an M.D., in 1965 made a specialization in internal diseases and in1967 his first Ph.D. In the late 1960s, he began his academic career in the Göteborg University research center where he created a metabolic rehabilitation center concerned with treatment of obesity. In the 1970s, after numerous experiments and research he obtained his second Ph.D., proving among others the significance of distribution of fat tissue, introducing – the later globally recognized – classification of apple and pear shaped obesity and the application of anthropometric measurements (the waist/hip ratio). He is a consultant for many Scandinavian pharmaceutical companies on new concept drugs of natural origin. He gained international recognition as an expert in both the new concepts of drugs of natural origin as well as original concepts for functional food.
At the end of the 1980s, he started his own company and patented a series of preparations based on alginates derived from sea algae. Prof. Krotkiewski has developed and researched not only drugs of natural origin, but also preparations intended as prescription drugs. At present, he is preparing at least three patent applications concerning new drugs.

MCI.BioVentures is a fund investing in endeavors in biotechnology, new drugs and therapies, medical supplies and equipment and healthcare services. Currently, the fund’s portfolio includes six companies Genomed (genetic diagnostics), (online pharmacy), MedCasco (innovative health insurance), Biotech Varsovia Pharma (innovative dietary supplements), 4med (chain of clinics) and 24med (private emergency rescue). The fund’s investment model assumes investment at seed and early stages of development, followed by active managerial support, optionally connected with raising additional financing intended for expansion. Preferred size of investments is 0.2 – €1 million. The fund belongs to the group of funds managed by MCI.

09.12.2010 Download PDF