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Tomasz Czechowicz – Managing Partner of MCI Management SA is the TOP Manager of the Year 2007 in the category: media, telecommunications and IT of Manager Magazin’s 3rd annual competition.

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On November 13th in the Sofitel Warsaw hotel during the ceremonial Gala of the third edition of the competition organized by Manager Magazin and Polish Confederation of Polish Employers Lewiatan, Mr. Tomasz Czechowicz – Managing Partner of MCI Management SA was recognized as the leading Polish manager of the year 2007 in the media, telecommunications and IT business. The idea behind the prize is to honor people in charge of companies that achieved the biggest increase in worth within the evaluated period – measured by the return on investment in its stock.

MCI Management SA, the first venture capital fund in Poland, founded by Mr. Tomasz Czechowicz in 1999, is now the leading financial group managing venture capital and private equity funds in Central Europe. Since going public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2001 the value of MCI’s investment portfolio grew from 8 to more than 200 million dollars – that is by over 2300%. The growth of the companies in the portfolio was so high it enabled the fund to realize its average annual return on investment at the rate of over 45%. Investors who invested in MCI stock in the beginning of this year could achieve returns beyond 200%. The above results make MCI one of the fastest growing companies on the Polish stock exchange and one of the most dynamically developing funds of this kind in Central Europe.

The TOP Manager of the Year 2007 prize for Mr. Tomasz Czechowicz is unexceptionable proof that his successfully accomplished strategy within the MCI Group makes him one of the most effective managers of innovative economy in the region of New Europe. Already in 2001, his exceptional feeling for the market, professionalism, vision and business efficacy caused the World Economic Forum to award Mr. Tomasz Czechowicz with the title of Leader for Tomorrow. Since then the Managing Partner of MCI Management SA has consistently been accomplishing his self-designated goals and priorities aimed at increasing the worth of the MCI Group and building a strong and recognizable brand in the region of Central Europe.

During Manager Magazin’s Gala a special prize was presented – The Polish Economy Hall of Fame, awarded to distinguished economists and practitioners for their merits for the economy. The winner of this years’ prize was Mr. Wiesław Rozłucki – founder of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Mr. Wiesław Rozłucki is a member of the Supervisory Board of MCI Management SA. The presence of the creator of the Polish capital market in MCI’s Supervisory Board is undeniably added value in building the worth of MCI’s portfolio and the MCI Group’s reputation.

“The Top Manager Prize is an acknowledgement of efforts of the whole management team of MCI management SA and – at the same time – a challenge for us to continue this growth in the years to come at an even better pace and in better style than until now” – said Tomasz Czechowicz, Managing Partner of MCI Group.

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