Puls Biznesu writes on the front page about Focus Telecom Polska

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“We have earned a leading position in our market niche in Poland and now we want to conquer foreign markets (…). We are profitable and we are increasing revenues, we can still increase the scale in Poland and enter foreign markets quite easily” – says Cezary Małuj, CEO and co-founder of Focus Telecom (MCI’s portfolio company).

Last year, the company had PLN 24 million in revenues (25% more than in the previous year), PLN 5.5 million EBITDA and PLN 3.1 million net profit. It employs over 120 people.

“This year we will approach PLN 30 million in revenue, the worse economic situation does not have a significant impact on our business – when it is good, companies from various industries need our services to accelerate sales, and when it is worse, we help in retaining existing customers” – says Michal Misiak, CTO and co-founder of the company.

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08.12.2022 Download PDF