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MCI supports the Digital Poland report 30 digital champions of Central and Eastern Europe

13.09.2021 Download PDF

64 billion dollars – this is the estimated capitalization of the three digital champions from CEE that are on the  podium in the ranking prepared by the Digital Poland foundation.

During the Economic Forum in Karpacz, the TOP 30 report of technology companies from the CEE region covering countries from Albania to Estonia (19 states in total) was announced. The list was presented during the panel “Digital champions – the most important creators of the new industry from Central and Eastern Europe”. UiPath from Romania, Allegro and Wise from Estonia were on the podium, with a total estimated capitalization of USD 64.1 billion.

We are a proud partner of Digital Poland Foundation, which promotes knowledge about the role of innovation and digitization in economic development. Currently we are supporting the foundation in the “Digital Champions CEE” project, which goal is to promote investments in digitization in the CEE region and to build and maintain relationships among companies.

MCI Capital supports the organizers in preparing the report. This is only the first stage, as the TOP 100 technology companies in the region will be presented in November. The full report will be the first such comprehensive study of the CEE region with clear index – defined by revenues. However, selection of the champions is determined not only by EBITDA, but also by capitalization, and majority of the company’s revenue must come from digital products and services (or must be obtained through digital channels).

“At MCI Capital we have been investing in the digital sector in the CEE region for years, therefore we are happy to be part of the Digital Poland Foundation project. I am convinced that Digital Champions CEE can help many companies from Poland and the whole region in further development on several levels: finding new partners, new investors or developing their activities with new services, products and reaching new markets” – said Tomasz Czechowicz, managing partner of MCI Capital.

Digital Champions CEE is not just a report. It is, above all, about building relationships. As part of the project, representatives of the most respected companies in the CEE region will share their experiences and ideas for digital solutions. There will be sharing of best practices, presentations of case studies, podcasts, video conferences and more.

13.09.2021 Download PDF