MCI Capital at Polish Business Days in New York – #PolandCanDoNation conference

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Tomasz Czechowicz and Radek Pawłowski attended a unique event in NYC, where the leaders of the Polish economy met and discussed with representatives of American business.

#PolandCanDoNation – the special event devoted to the outlook for Polish business was organized on 4th October in New York City by PZU in cooperation with Boston Consulting Group with the opening speech of The Honorable Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland. The event was attended by over 50 CEOs of the biggest Polish companies.

The conference was organized to focus worldwide attention on the key factors of Polish success and its role on the global markets in the years to come. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the fact that just over a week before Poland was officially recognized as a developed market, less than 30 years after it became a free market economy and exactly 100 years after regaining independency.

The theme of the day’s presentations was “From Developing to Developed: Perspective for Polish business on a crucial turning point of its history.” Speakers and panelists detailed Poland’s economic rise, and how far they could see its economy and innovative companies going, as the country aspires to become a leader in economic and business development.

A group of panelists then gathered on stage for the presentation “From Developing to Developed – Macroeconomic Perspective,” which dealt with the economic and business environment in the country.

Topics they discussed included Poland’s emergence as a hub for companies developing technology and artificial intelligence; the high priority that the nation places on education; the need for economies of scale, and larger companies in Poland that could compete on the world stage, and the impact of open markets in spurring Poland’s economy and its entrepreneurship.

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10.10.2018 Download PDF