IZFiA report – MCI.EuroVentures with the best rate of return within 5 years

09.02.2023 Download PDF

MCI.EuroVentures 1.0 achieved the highest rate of return among all funds in the last five years. It amounted to nearly 134 percent.

These are data from a report prepared by the Chamber of Fund and Asset Management (IZFiA). It is an organization associating fund management companies and brokerages whose sole activity is the investment advice or the management of portfolios which includes one or more financial instruments.

The IZFiA data shows that among the 91 FIZ (closed-end investment funds) covered by the study, the MCI.EuroVentures 1.0 subfund was the best performer over the next 5 years. The rate of return for the last 60 months was 133.77 percent. Interestingly, most FIZ included in the ranking had negative growth rates.

– We are very pleased with the results of this study; they show that it is worth being associated with the MCI Capital group in the long term. As the research shows, we are able to provide our investors with high rates of return in the long term, and we give debtors the opportunity to finance a very profitable and diversified mix of assets – comments Ewa Ogryczak, vice president of MCI Capital.

MCI.EuroVentures has also performed very well in terms of the rate of return since the fund was established (2014). In the ranking, it took second place with a rate of 180.84 percent, the same place was recorded in the case of the year-on-year rate of return (realized in 2022) with a score of 16.8 percent.

09.02.2023 Download PDF