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Internet Ventures FIZ has invested in an online platform optimising household expenditure

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Internet Ventures FIZ, a fund from the MCI Management Group (MCI), has taken up a block of shares in LepszaOferta.pl S.A. (Lepszaoferta.pl). It is an online platform that helps market users and businesses save money thanks to optimising expenditure on telecommunications services, electricity, gas, insurance, financial products, travel, etc.The current tranche is over PLN 2 million, and the Internet Ventures’ total investment in this round may be as high as PLN 6.5 million, depending on the accomplishment of business targets by the company.

LepszaOferta.pl is a „lead generation” type of platform, presenting the best market offers to its customers and suggesting which solution would be best for maximum savings. Thanks to this, customers’ bills for electricity, gas, mobile phone, cable TV, Internet, insurance or loan instalments go down. At the same time, the platform also provides advice on how to save water or electricity. Each service segment has an expert who follows current tendencies and ensures that the presented offer is up to date. Besides the online platform, the company will also develop direct sales in the whole Poland, providing cheaper services to the mass market through its own sellers and cooperating sales networks.

The revenues of LepszaOferta.pl come from generating leads, i.e. contact data of people that potential sales may be addressed to, directly from suppliers as well as from intermediary networks (affiliation networks, financial advisors, etc.) At the same time the company hopes to maintain relations with end customers and be able to offer them another more attractive offer after the current contract ends.

We knew the moneysupermarket.com model which had been working in other countries and we knew that Poland was missing an entity that would put into practice a similar idea, that is optimisation of household expenditure. We decided to work with LepszaOferta.pl because of the founder’s wide experience in developing start-ups and a clear business model based on a convincing idea of reaching scale, said Tomasz Danis, who manages the Internet Ventures FIZ fund. We are sure that LepszaOferta.pl will become a target internet website for Poles who would like to control their expenditure and to adjust their bills to their needs.

The investment in LepszaOferta.pl S.A. is carried out together with the National Capital Fund (NCF), which is a co-shareholder of several venture capital investment funds and in this capacity supports investment into young Polish companies encountering significant hurdles in terms of their financing possibilities due to the fact that they are at an early operational development stage and their economic results are uncertain.

17.09.2014 Download PDF