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Belysio to promise a revolution in blogging.

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10 thousand users of Belysio in 7 weeks
We are extremely happy to inform you that 7 weeks after launching the commercial version of the system Belysio exceeded 10,000 registered users. Set up in April 2008 Belysio launched a platform to create mobile community websites. The free website (mobile application and Internet portal) is designed for all those who have mobile phones and want to communicate without any limits with their friends, locate them on a map, exchange photos and share interests.

New dimension of blogging
Geo-Journal is the heart of the ‘photographic’ system of communication between Belysio users. Take a picture of a monument that you are looking at, capture a smile on your baby’s face, freeze a great view from Kasprowy!… and share those moments with your friends, show them to the world (to all those who are around you and logged in Belysio) or store them only for yourself in a restricted private Belysio file. Publish your photos and comments from favorite places on the Internet with the use of the integration of Belysio with blogging platforms. Adding comments or a blog on a mobile phone in Belysio will automatically cause its publication on such online blogs as Twitter and Blip.

Geo-Journal allows other users to see where you are, what you are doing, what your favorite places and people you meet look like. If you want, you can share your moments and interesting places, add comments to them or encourage others to discussion on the forum of Belysio. What’s more you can meet new people this way! By entering a location around which Belysio users share photos and comments (within the range of a few kilometers) you become automatically a member of that local community. If you accept an invitation sent to you by the system, you will be its co-creator! When you leave the range of the community, you disappear from its ‘field of vision’ and move to another community assigned to another group of people and other pictures…

Easy intuitive use
All you need is a mobile phone and one minute to register at You don’t pay for the use of Belysio! You don’t need a GPS device! The system precisely locates the users based on the information generated by operators of GSM mobile telephony.

The use of the Belysio application installed on your mobile phone is intuitive. Easy to remember icons indicate specific functions. You can select Polish, English or German language version. Logging in your Belysio account on the Internet portal allows for easy and quick defining your profile, accessing information, comments, status of friends and observing the locations of the users on a map.

Making friends easier than ever before
Belysio will ‘introduce’ you to other users with similar interests. Probably you have no idea how many people collect slug-heated irons. How to find them?! It’s enough to define your profile at or directly on the mobile phone to be found. Or maybe you want to meet somebody who just like you is a sushi lover. How to do that?! Belysio will make the first step for you and maybe set you up with somebody with a similar taste. Thanks to the “Geo-Journal” feature you can share the photos of your favorite maki and nigiri or sushi bar.

No worries! Belysio is not the big brother’s eye.
Belysio is a lot of fun and it allows for sharing the moments and unforgettable places with your friends. It is not a soy device locating enemy with the precision of 3 meters. Belysio operates on the basis of information distributed by base stations of GSM mobile operators. The precision of your location is usually a few dozen/hundred meters.

If you want, you can easily hide your location or define it manually by describing your status with any text. Nobody will find you then! But remember, if you want to have fun with meeting new people, blogging and sharing your opinions from travel in real time, stay online with Belysio!

“Hello! Where are you?”
You won’t have to ask that question on the phone ever again. If only you want, you can reveal your location and see the location of your friends in the phone on a displayed map. Moreover, the telephone itself will warn you that a friend of yours is close. If it wasn’t for Belysio, you wouldn’t know that your friend from Gdańsk is in Złote Tarasy Shopping Mall in Warsaw where you are sitting at a coffee table!

Both in your phone and at Belysio website you can see the current locations of all your friends on a graphic map of the world.

Belysio in short
• Social Radar – to show you where your friends are and to notify you of their appearance around you
• Geo-Journal – to share your photos of places, people and events with your friends
• Integrated communication platform featuring a number of channels such as Gadu-Gadu, MSN, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Yahoo
• Integration with blogging platforms: Twitter and Blip
• Specialized search engines (Google and Wiki) operating locally – on the basis of your current position
• Synchronization of the address book from your phone
• Mobile access to services and communities such as MySpace, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Netlog and others

02.10.2008 Download PDF