Michał Staszkiewicz joins MCI Group

Michał Staszkiewicz joins MCI Group. He will take the position of Vice-President of Private Equity Managers S.A. and join the MCI Capital TFI team. Previously, he worked for Franklin Templeton.

The Internet Ventures Fund from the MCI Group has sold all shares in the service to an industry investor — Diagnostyka Sp. z o.o.

The Fund, whose investors are MCI Capital S.A. and Krajowy Fundusz Kapitałowy  (KFK - National Capital Fund), has sold to a strategic investor its portfolio company operating in the medical diagnostics market. The company operates the platform.

Indeks Bilgisayar, Turkish company from MCI.EuroVentures portfolio, with record stock exchange valuation

The leader of the IT distribution market in Turkey, Indeks from the MCI.EuroVentures fund, is currently valued at approx. TRY 900 million. In early March the company’s capitalisation reached more than TRY 967 million. The latest analytical report of BNP Paribas, with “buy” recommendation, predicts an increase of the company’s value to more than TRY one billion, i.e. by another 17% (on the share price of TRY 16.16).

Morele Group acquires online sports equipment retailer.

Morele Group, a part of the portfolio of companies owned by MCI Capital Funds, has completed the acquisition of, the second largest online sports equipment store in Poland. The investment is in line with’s strategy of extending the Group’s range to include new categories beyond consumer electronics. Currently, it offers more than 800k products in 8 sectors.
07/02 initiates efficiency and profitability measures in context of upcoming CEO change and targets break-even early 2019 already

• Measures initiated to (i) reorganize operations and reduce headquarter costs in Germany, and (ii) focus international operations on regions with short- to mid-term profitability potential; break-even target for early 2019 • Capital increase of up to 2.6m shares with exclusion of pre-emptive rights from authorized capital subscribed by existing shareholders, new investor group, all members of the management board including founders and Matthias Peuckert • Starting date of designated CEO Matthias Peuckert on May 1, 2018, succeeding founders and Co-CEOs Alexander Brand and Konstantin Urban • Preliminary 2017 financials: Revenues EUR 211 to 213 million, adjusted EBIT EUR (26) to (24) million ((13) to (11)% margin) and net liquidity of EUR 25.7 million. Publication of 2017 financials on March 14, 2018.

MCI Funds earned more than PLN 240 million in 2017

  • In 2017, the MCI Group funds received over PLN 240 million from asset disposals and similar transactions, PLN 75 million more than the worth of its investments.
  • This year was again marked by a high investment portfolio turnover of the Funds, which confirmed the liquidity of the portfolio.
  • Further asset disposals are expected in 2018.