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MarketInvoice – new fintech company in MCI.TechVentures’ portfolio

Portfolio companies

Dotpay and eCard join their forces to become a future leader of payment services in Poland

Exit from INVIA

MCI.TechVentures sets a record deal – sells Invia for EUR 76 mln

Since 1999
MCI supports entrepreneurs

in digital transformation to become
European- and global-level champions

Investment strategy

Digital disruption

MCI invests in pure-play internet business models (so-called pure players). MCI forecasts that the strongest growth will be recorded in the following segments: digital media, e-commerce, marketplaces, Fintech, Internet of Things, Software as a Service, cloud computing, mobile internet and digital entertainment.

Digital ecosystem

MCI considers investments in companies operating on the internet infrastructure development market, such as telecoms and data storage centres.

Digital adaptation

MCI provides investment support to companies which, being already well established in the traditional economy, aspire to become European- and global-level players using opportunities offered by the internet. The fund is searching for companies with the potential to be as successful as Polish champions such as and mBank.

Investment portfolio

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Growth Rate Charts

  • MCI.TechVentures 1.0

    AUM -PLN 1 118.9 M (USD 278.7 M)

    avg rate of return* - 22,21%

  • MCI.EuroVentures 1.0

    AUM -PLN 1 000.7 million (USD 251.5 M)

    avg rate of return* - 17,96%

* Yearly average rate of return for a series of certificates A, for Q2 2016

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