IR of Private Equity Managers

PEM (Private Equity Managers S.A.) was a company dedicated
to the management of alternative assets such as Private Equity.

According to the PE/VC nomenclature, PEM acted as a General Partner (GP), whereas MCI Capital ASI S.A. as an investor – Limited Partner (LP).

Private Equity Managers S.A. was established following the restructuring of MCI Capital ASI S.A. (formerly known as MCI Management S.A., later MCI Capital S.A.). PEM had been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2015.

On June 21, 2021, the merger between MCI Capital ASI S.A. (acquiring company) and Private Equity Managers S.A. (acquired company) took place. As from that date, all rights and obligations of Private Equity Managers S.A. were transferred to MCI Capital ASI S.A., and Private Equity Managers S.A. ceased to exist.

The PEM investor relations service is available at the following link (until the merger of the companies).