Three senior management promotions have been announced in the Private Equity Managers Group that manages MCI funds.

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The company has announced that, as of the beginning of July, the following internal promotions of key personnel will take place. Ewa Ogryczak will be promoted to Senior Partner, Krzysztof Konopiński to Partner, and Łukasz Wierdak to Investment Partner.

“As in other industries, in PE/VC a company’s greatest asset are people, the knowledge, experience and commitment they bring to specific transactions and operations. Within the PEM and MCI Groups, we set the bar very high and have very high expectations for ourselves. So it is with even greater pleasure that I can announce the promotions of Ewa, Krzysztof and Łukasz. The commitment and professionalism with which they carry out their work contributes to the further development of the Group and companies within the portfolio,” said Tomasz Czechowicz, President of Private Equity Managers S.A.

Ewa has worked within the PEM and MCI Groups since 2014. In both structures, she has performed the role of Vice President of the Board. In addition, at MCI Capital she controls the finances of the company as Group CFO. Moreover, she is responsible for shaping HR and personnel policy as well as overall operational activities. Ewa Ogryczak has been promoted to the position of Senior Partner.

Krzysztof has been promoted to the position of Partner in the investment team after one year in the role of PEM CFO, demonstrating that a great deal can be achieved in a short time with talent and hard work. He is an example of that transformation and proof that we are working with some of the greatest talents, giving them the opportunity to build unique careers within the organization beyond the traditional upwards promotion track. Now, Krzysztof’s main task is to intensify growth of the MCI.CreditVentures fund, over which he has assumed management. This fund focuses on acquiring investments in the area of private debt in Poland and the region. MCI.CreditVentures was involved, among others, in financing the purchase of Allegro as well as investment in the Bulgarian company Eurohold. Krzysztof has worked at PEM since the beginning of 2015, additionally serving as a Member of the Board of Directors of the company.

Łukasz is responsible for supervision of one of the main combined assets in the MCI.EuroVentures fund portfolio, Dotpay and eCard. These companies are in the process of PMI (post-merger integration), which aims to double the EBITDA value of the merged entity by the end of this year, compared to 2015. Łukasz Wierdak has been promoted to the position of Investment Partner, gaining greater independence in his work and taking on responsibility for additional companies within the portfolio. He has been working for MCI and PEM Groups since 2013.

“It is very important that we have been able to create a work atmosphere that makes professional development possible on various levels. MCI and PEM represent an important element in the Polish PE/VC system. I am convinced that our results and work philosophy will enable us to attract new talent to the team,” added Tomasz Czechowicz.

11.07.2017 Download PDF