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Three senior management promotions have been announced in the Private Equity Managers Group that manages MCI funds.

The company has announced that, as of the beginning of July, the following internal promotions of key personnel will take place. Ewa Ogryczak will be promoted to Senior Partner, Krzysztof Konopiński to Partner, and Łukasz Wierdak to Investment Partner.

mfind, from the MCI fund portfolio, has a new investor

The mfind, an insurance comparison website, which has been part of the Internet Ventures fund portfolio at MCI CAPITAL Group since 2015, has acquired another shareholder as part of a new round of financing. Some of the shares were acquired by Martis Consulting, which has assets, among others, in the technology, consulting and real estate sectors.

Six innovative companies established Digital Poland Foundation

A group of innovative companies established Digital Poland Foundation to support the concept and development of digital economy in Poland. Individual projects will be driven by the collaborative approach of the foundation’s members and institutional stakeholders.

In Q1 2017, MCI Group achieved net profit of PLN 10.65 million. NAV per share was PLN 17.74.

  • As at 31 March 2017, NAV per share (NAV/s) stood at PLN 17.74, as compared with PLN 17.75 at the end of 2016.
  • As at 31 March 2017, the value of MCI’s assets was PLN 1.328 billion.
  • In 2017, the company used approx. PLN 57.64 million for the buyback of own shares.
  • Net profit amounted to PLN 10.65 million and the return on investment was PLN 14.66 million.

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  • MCI-1.11% 8.9 PLN
  • WIG-0,85% 61949.40 PLN
  • WIG20-1,18% 2353.18 PLN
  • mWIG40-0,02% 4866.26 PLN
  • sWIG80-0,30% 15373.42 PLN