Spark Software

  • Year of investment 2015
  • Trade e-commerce, software
  • Country Poland

Spark Software, founded in January 2015, is currently working on a mobile platform that may revolutionize global offline and online shopping for FMCG products. A world-unique project of Polish entrepreneurs will provide the first ever direct link between consumers and producers of fast-moving goods. The company forecasts that the product will be market-ready in 2016 at the latest. Test implementations of the system in selected Polish chains are to begin at the beginning of September 2015. Spark Software will provide clients with a special mobile application to be used both in regular and internet shops. For regular shops, the application will ensure not only loyalty discounts and personalised promotions, but also convenience and shorter queuing time. Products scanned with the phone will get straight into a bag or a trolley. Then a dedicated gate with beacons will automatically start the payment procedure when a customer passes through.