• Year of investment 2015
  • Trade e-commerce
  • Country USA, Russia and Europe
  • www

Leader of the market of on-demand transport services and a major global B2B player

Established in 2010, Gett (previosly: Gettaxi) largest and fastest-growing company offering professional passenger transport services outside the USA. It is the fastest growing market player in the United Kingdom and a strong leader in Russia (the largest European market) and Israel. In 2014 it entered the USA and is now present in the largest taxi services markets in the world, including Moscow, London, St. Petersburg and New York. Gett generates most of its revenue from B2C services, while the significant competitive edge of its business model comes from B2B services. Thanks to its reach and quality of service, Gett works with more than 2 thousand global enterprises, including the largest corporations in the world.